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Guest blog: Common Problems Managers Face With Employee Scheduling


Employee scheduling issues count among the most well-known complaints reported by managers around the country. Many employers report that the problems they commonly face when working on a shift scheduling routine will include not having an employee schedule template suited to specific needs, uncommon shift rotations, and a higher than average turnover rate on the staff roster. A shift scheduling software solution that works for one company might not necessarily result in positive outcomes for yours.

Below we will examine the above mentioned common scheduling problems, and mention several solutions to each that managers in a variety of fields should find useful. In the end, the important factor to keep in mind is to find solutions specifically suited to the issues faced by your industry and your business. Scheduling software that works for one company might not necessarily result in positive outcome for yours.

A commonly reported problem from managers in a wide range of fields is that the scheduling software they use does not address specific hurdle faced in their day to day operations. Shift scheduling problems arising from this issue can be wide ranging, and include problems such as software not allowing for split shifts, difficulties in rearrangements for holiday periods or employee vacations, sudden shift changes, and staff roster seniority rankings.

Regardless of what the problem is with your shift scheduling software, the root cause is that your tools are not specially adjusted to meet your needs. To use another phrase, you are trying to fit a square peg in a rectangular hole. The best resolution for these problems is to research specific solutions for employee scheduling that are more tuned in to what your requirements are as a business.

Many business models today result in strange or awkward shift rotations for employees. Perhaps your employees have to arrive two times a day for several hours. Perhaps there are bi-weekly shifts, or even a 6-week rotation schedule that causes problems. These situations are all hard to manage and plan for without having the correct tools to work with. For example, what tools can you use to correctly keep track of employee work hours when they work every other day except the last Monday of each leap year?

If you are running into non-traditional scheduling issues, the best thing you can do is research alternatives to your current employee schedule template. Shift scheduling problems are only problems if you do not properly address the root causes. In other words, you need to upgrade your methods.

It can sometimes feel to you like you have just gotten adjusted to your employee staff scheduling needs, when someone leaves and throws your entire schedule out of whack. With a new employee comes new employee shift scheduling requirements, new days off, and a whole other list of problems. With the right shift scheduling and staff roster software, this should not be any more difficult than punching in a few staff scheduling parameters.

Managers face a variety of issues every day with employee scheduling, but with the right software and the right employee scheduling template, you are well on your way to boosting the success of your employee scheduling needs. All you need to do is put rubber to the road and consider your options.


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