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Guest blog: Common Work Related Injuries


Work related injuries are one of the leading categories of injuries. This is basically because of the time people spend in their workplaces and the lack of safety precautions in most work places.

The most common kind of injury occurs to the upper extremities. This is most common in industry workers where their job requires them to do the same motion again and again. For example, food processing, automobile and electronics assembly, and office data entry workers are the kind of people that might get injuries to their upper extremities while at work.

The most common kind of problem that occurs is one that affects the soft tissues of the neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, and wrist. This gradually develops over time due to the bending of a joint in the same way repeatedly. The most important factor is the amount of force that is applied, as well as vibrations that the joint has to experience.

The most common work related upper extremity injury is carpal tunnel syndrome which occurs when the median nerve becomes trapped between swollen tendons. This leads to sever pain in the wrist and hands, and you may suffer from inability to use your hand, loss of sensation and even partial paralysis.

Another common kind of injury is to the back. This is second most common cause of people taking time off after the common cold. Back strains are a result of damage to the muscles, ligaments, and / or tendon in the back and are caused by over-stretching this body part. The most common problem in this area is a strained or a pulled muscle.

These kinds of injuries are most common in jobs where the workers are required to move or lift heavy objects or are required to make heavy movements. It is also common in jobs where the workers are exposed to full body vibrations. Awkward posture, such as sitting in chairs for long working hours, which are uncomfortable, is another common reason for back problems.

Another common kind of work related injury is to the lower body parts, like legs. These are usually sprains, strains, or muscle tears. These are usually acute injuries caused by lifting improperly, twisting the ankle, falling, or some other reasons. These can be avoided with properly designed work areas and safety precautions.

Work related injuries leave workers incapable of working properly, which may further result in causing them to take some time off from the work, which means that there will be less work done. Furthermore, it can also lead to lawsuits where the worker can sue the employer for not taking proper safety precautions, or not training the workers properly for the work. It is, therefore, important to make sure that your workplace is safe from potential workplace accidents by confirming certain security precautions.

Ensure that there is a safety task force that takes the responsibility of training the employees on proper precautions, and also clearly marks all hazardous areas or places which have any potential for accidents. Also, you should have a response system in place so that if an employee does get into an accident you can make sure that they are attended to immediately. Moreover, you should also cater for a program whereby they can rejoin work after recuperation with shorter workdays or modified job description.


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