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Guest blog: HR – The Benefits of Having an HR Department


An HR department is an important department in any company. The department handles all the personnel aspects of your company as well as training, paying, and benefits for your employees.

When it comes to hiring and firing employees, the HR department knows the ins and outs of all the jobs – the duties, schedules, and expectations of the job itself and of the area the person would be working in. They can tell, when interviewing, whether the person's personality and skills could be easily integrated into the company work place, and where the person's skills could be best used. In addition, the HR department can also attend job expos, send staff to high schools and universities to entice tomorrow's work force into your company.

Educating your employees, not only on the laws that protect them when it comes to their rights and the National Minimum Wage, it also can develop their skills in other ways by finding courses and classes that upgrade their education or teach them new skills so that they can better benefit your company. Training your employees to do the work in the way that you would like it done is important so that it meets your standards. Your HR department can help in that area, too. In addition, your HR department can train your employees to work safely within their environment and look out for the new guy and each other.

If your company offers benefits, such as medical and dental, your HR department can facilitate that program by maintaining application forms for eligible employees, claim forms, and benefit booklets to distribute to your employees. If there are any identification cards that the insurance company provides for your employees, the HR department can handle the distribution of those, too. They can also provide any answers and information to the questions your employees may have.

The HR department is there so that you and your employees can focus on the success of your company. By dealing with disciplinary issues, hiring, firing, education and training, as well as benefits and remuneration, your employees can do just that. HR can even ensure that your employees receive their earned raises and promotions to keep your employees happy.

Having an HR department is not a necessary, however, and should only be considered if it is feasible for you and your company. Your time is valuable, and if you prefer handling the discipline, education, and payroll of your employees over hiring someone else to do it for you, that is perfectly acceptable in today's business world.


Source by Neil Atkinson

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