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Guest blog: Increase Fire Safety Awareness Among Your Staff


As an employer, you already have your hands full. From meeting with clients to managing your employees to formulating financial or marketing strategies-you are certainly one busy person. But this does not give you an excuse to neglect or overlook other equally important matters such as fire safety.

Fire safety in the workplace should be your top concern as an employer. You should be able to ensure that the workplace is equipped with state of the art firefighting equipment and protection devices like smoke alarms, extinguishers, and so on. But of course, all these would be to no avail if none of your staff knows how to use these or if none of them knows what to do in case of an actual emergency.

With this said, it is of utmost importance to increase fire safety awareness among your staff. To do this effectively, here are some of the measures that you have to undertake.

1. Gather your staff for a meeting. If you have a large roster of employees, you would want to hold this in small groups so you can have their attention more efficiently. Discuss basic matters such as prevention and safety awareness, and make your employees realize that each one of them plays an important role in protecting the work place and themselves against the hazards of fire.

2. Invite a resource speaker. It may be a fire expert or a firefighter that you can invite to hold an educational seminar or training course to further educate your staff regarding this matter. They will learn the necessary steps to undertake during an actual emergency among many others.

3. Have your employees under fire extinguisher training. It is not enough that your employees know the location of extinguisher cabinets. They should also know how to make use of this safety device. Remind them of the code used for extinguisher operations, which is the word, "PASS." P stands for pull the safety pin. A means aim the nozzle at the base of the flames. The first S refers to squeeze the lever gently while the second S means sweep from side to side. If they remember this correctly and they are trained to operate an extinguisher, they would have better chances of eliminating small incipient fires before they grow big and out of control.

4. Create an escape plan. As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that a comprehensive escape route is formatted and posted all over the workplace in locations that can easily be seen by your employees. This way, your staff can escape the burning concessions with no difficulty during a fire accident.

5. Hold fire drills. Do not be contended with having escape route plotted all around the building. You should also hold drills to put into practical application everything that your staff has learned.

Increasing awareness among your staff regarding this matter is one of your prime duties as an employer. Do not make an excuse of being too busy and find time to do this right.


Source by Henry A Rogers

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