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Guest blog: Paperless Employee Onboarding With Electronic Forms


Human Resource professionals across all industries deal with the Form I-9 every time they hire and onboard new employees. However, this form is only one of the several paper forms new employees are required to fill out and human resources is required to organize and store.

Whether an employer is verifying residency and employment eligibility, initiating benefits, or distributing a massive paper-bound new employee handbook, HR departments go through thousands of dollars of paper just to onboard a few new employees.

The trend to go paperless and automate onboarding processes, making these new hire forms electronic, is catching on. More and more companies are seeing the benefit and the costs savings of eliminating most of the paper process while allowing new hires to complete these forms online and even provide an electronic signature. And organizations that preach a “Go Green” message are trying to find ways to change their internal systems to be more environmentally friendly. Cutting the paper in the HR department is just one way to achieve that goal.

Companies implementing these Web-based onboarding management software applications can even allow employees access to their personalized onboarding portal to complete the new hire paperwork before their first day on the job! With electronic forms centrally managed, its easy to ensure compliance and retrieve the information more easily, from anywhere in the world.

Implementing an onboarding management system saves organizations thousands of dollars in the cost of paperwork and also helps HR professionals easily track and maintain who has and hasn’t filled out forms in order to stay in compliance with government regulations. The cost of continuing to maintain an onboarding process via paper is simply too high to not automate.


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