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Guest blog: Procedure For Equipment Maintenance in ISO 9001


The purpose of this procedure is to regulate the planning and inspecting maintenance of equipments and machines while implementing process of production industry. The maintenance is to minimize and prevent from unexpected incidents caused by machines influencing the plan and schedule of production.

This procedures include steps as follows:

1. Need of equipment maintenance:

Due to the fact is that maintenance of machines and equipments is very important to the implementation of production industry, so the need of machines maintenance is set up to eliminate and prevent from unexpected incidents by machines and equipments that may affect to the plan and progress of production.

2. Making list of equipments

All machines and equipments that are working are conforming to requirements of production. The maintenance will coordinate with other Heads of departments (HODs) to make a list of each equipment for checking, preparing to replace, or repairing to submit to Technical department for approval.

3. Making a schedule of investigation:

Based on the machines and equipments that are using and depending the capacities and purposes of specialized equipments, the maintenance will make a schedule of investigation accordingly identifying the machines that serve requirements of practical products and give schedule of maintenance periodically or regularly maintained according to frequency of using.

4. Implementation of Investigation:

Based on plan of investigation, the maintenance department will investigate machines and equipment and record clearly:

o The duration of time used

o The duration of time maintained previously

o Trouble shootings earlier.

o Status of machines and equipments.

o Need repairing, replacing or maintenance.

5. Making schedule of maintenance:

After investigation and examination, the maintenance department will review the frequency of using of each machine so as to make a schedule of specific maintenance for each kind of machine and equipment.

o After identifying purpose and the importance of each machine in production, the maintenance department will make a schedule of maintenance for each of equipment as regulated by designers.

6. Material estimate:

Once having schedule of maintenance or repair, the maintenance will inspect to identify the causes leading trouble shootings, make a material estimate request to supply accessories of the equipment that need repairing at definite time. At the same time, there will be supervision and inspection from Head of department where machines or equipments are used.

7. Implementation:

Once having made material estimate and provided, Maintenance Department carry out repair based on the plan of maintenance and approval for repair. After the maintenance is finished, the maintenance will coordinate with the using department to make a report of inspection and evaluating quality of equipment and machines to put into operation and stating clearly about status of equipments that are replaced.

8. Updating files:

When finishing maintenance and repair, the maintenance Dept. will file each of machine whose accessories are repaired and for how long they can work as well as make a file for each machine.


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