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Guest blog: Proper Channeling of Business Documents and Communications


There are factors to be considered if a business institution is healthy or not. We can’t say, though the business is gaining a good profit, it is healthy. We can’t say it is healthy because the building structure is newly painted or newly renovated. We can’t say that the business is healthy even if all the employees within are healthy.

When we say healthy business, the people within and the business itself follows all the rules and regulations religiously. As the maxim goes, “you cannot please everybody,” we could not avoid having problem with regards to going around and having a good and friendly working environment. This is one of the problems why there’s no such healthy business around this world.

Let say for example the communication circulating the business institution. A simple excuse letter supposed to be forwarded to your immediate superior is not given due cause. Though we gave it to the immediate superior, there’s already an approval coming from the higher position because the person is a friend or a relative. For this, some business institutions are applying the consanguinity rule – that a close kin or relative is not allowed to be a part of the business institution.

Proper protocol should be observe especially those in the higher level. Because of their position, they can reverse the channeling of documents especially if the person involve is one of their friends or relatives. This is also one of the reasons why there’s no such thing as healthy business. Proper channeling is very important. It does not only let the employees or workers do their jobs, but also it creates a friendly working environment. We all know that to make the employee and the business more productive is to have harmonious relationships, civil or professional relationships among the people within the business.

That’s why there are rules and procedures to be followed. These are the basis of a certain action done in the company or in any other organization. Yes, it is easier said than done because going into it another action will be done, a shortcut to make the circulation of the communication a bit faster, as some of the bosses imply. How could an ordinary employee resist this. Thinking that it might be used as a ground for his/her suspension or worst, termination. It is ironic to know that those who are below are the most prone to these kinds of movements.

Does yous employer has a healthy business? I would like to reiterate that this view is my personal opinion. I don’t intent to criticize you or business or the rulings your business imposes. My concern is focused to all the ordinary employees out there trying to make a good living.


Source by Gino Lipata

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