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Guest blog: Pros and Cons of Getting An ITIL v3 Certification


If you work in IT, odds are good that you are considering getting an ITIL v3 Certification. This is perfectly understandable with many companies adopting its policies and valuing those with this training. Of course, getting this training does require a significant investment so one must give it some serious thought. However, to help you with this analysis, we have put together a list of some of the pros and cons of getting this training.


We will first take a look at the pros of getting this certification. The first advantage of getting this training is that you will be viewed as a more valuable employee. With this training on your resume, you will have a knowledgebase that many companies will value if they have an emphasis on ITIL in their company. It also allows you the ability to get better at your job with this training as you can utilize these best practices in your work to become more efficient and be more productive.

A second advantage to this training is that it will make you a more attractive candidate for either promotion or to other companies. As many employees are eager to fast track their career, this training can be a way to do that especially if they love the practices and concepts this training teachers. Even if your current company does not value this training as much as others, this could provide a way for you to get your foot in the door with one of those companies.

A third advantage to getting certified is that you can command more pay. This can be good as it can help justify the cost of the training as you are able to more quickly make up the training costs by getting increasing in pay. Basically, the training allows you to objectively show you deserve a pay increase or can allow you to get a better salary than without the training on your resume with another company.


There are also some disadvantages to getting this training. The most significant of these has to be the cost. Anyone looking into getting certified, must recognize that they will have to make an investment here as each course costs a couple thousand dollars or more. For this reason, one must make sure they are very serious about making a career in the IT field.

A second potential disadvantage is where the company you work for is not as big on ITIL principals as you would like. In this situation, you will not reap as many rewards as other employees who work for companies that really value this training. For you, the benefits will be in setting you up to move to a better job that does value these principles and concepts.

Now, weighing these advantages and disadvantages, you should have a much better picture of whether getting an ITIL Certification is right for you.


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