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Guest blog: The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Getting An ITIL Certification


Anyone who is in an IT organization knows the importance of understanding ITIL principles and the strong push by many companies to have their staff get an ITIL Certification. The reason for this not so gentle push is because the companies know that this training helps their company. However, the tough economy has made it harder for many companies to pay for the training. The result has been a strong encouragement to have staff get trained on their dime. Naturally, this requires employees to have to give this some serious thought as training is not cheap. Here, we take a look at the advantages and disadvantage of getting certified.

Advantages of Certification

1. Potential to become a better employee.

Any training that can help make you better should be strongly considered. This ITIL training can do just that as it provides you with ideas on how to better do things. This is the whole basis of ITIL principles which is to teach employees better ways to improve the processes of service delivery. It can help you become more efficient at your job and provide a greater contribution to your company. By you performing at a better rate, you can potentially get more job responsibilities, pay increases, or promotions. Not to mention, you can have less stress because of less problems and issues with your work.

2. Ability to command more money.

By getting this credential, you can better justify that you deserve more money because you are better trained. This can also help when applying for other jobs to help you get a better starting salary with those companies because this training works well with any company.

3. Ability to get more job offerings.

With this credential, you will become a more attractive candidate to all the companies that value this training. This makes you stand out when applying for jobs with these companies and can distinguish yourself from other employees. Therefore, you can expand the number of job opportunities available to you simply by getting certified.

Disadvantages of Certification

1. Cost of the training.

There is no getting around the fact that these courses cost some good money. Each course costs roughly $3,000 depending on the program and this adds up quick when having to take several courses to reach another level in the certification process. The only good news here is that many schools will often offer you payment plans or even financial assistance to help make this cost more manageable.

2. Time spent for the training.

You can also expect to spend a good amount of time doing the preparation for these courses and the training itself. Depending on your current workload and familial responsibilities, this may be a big burden. Of course, you can take this training online which can help make it manageable for many people even if they have a full schedule.

3. Benefits may be more long term depending on your current company.

Not all companies are gung ho about ITIL. They may give lip service to it but they may not really value it. If your company is one of these, you will not see short term benefits from this training. However, you can still see long term benefits either by becoming a better employee that shines through in your work and results in your advancement. Or you could move to a company that does truly value the training where you can then reap the benefits at that time.

By keeping these advantages and disadvantages in mind, you should be able to better decide if an ITIL Certification is right for you.


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