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Guest blog: The Importance of Employee Service Awards


Employee service awards are very important for the purposes of recognition of the efforts that employees put in for the success of organizations. Any business or organization that wants to enhance the general value and quality of the people who work for them can do so through appreciation awards. Motivating people and giving them incentives works wonders because the organization achieves several important goals.

Firstly, the company or organization that provides recognition to their work force will likely keep their staff. Staff retention is positively motivated and puts in the required effort is very essential for the success of the organization. When organizations lose people, they end up having a high turnover and this contributes to the increase of expenses while also having an adverse impact on organization confidence. Needless to say, this contributes to low output and an outflow of key staff that join competitors. Having an employee recognition program is one of the approach to changing such a situation and getting employees to stay with the company. Appreciation programs help strengthen function and their productiveness.

Another important function of employee incentive is cultivating employee loyalty. Any company that wants to experience profit and growth must make sure that their customers stay loyal to them. Continual customer satisfaction to stay loyal. Because this satisfaction will only be achieved through great service from the employees of a company. Organizations which make sure that they keep their satisfaction at high levels will directly benefit from loyal workers. Such workers will strive to keep customers satisfied by providing great service. A strong connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is a great advantage to business.

Service awards also serve as an important tool for building employee morale. Morale differentiates companies that make it and those that do not. When employee morale is high, workers keep up higher working standards. Most generally have a very positive attitude towards work. While it is not too difficult to keep employee morale high, the large payoff that many organizations find makes them want to keep morale high through employee service awards. Recognizing the service that employees have given to the organization will make sure they like working for the company.

Service awards are also very important because they help to heap praises on workers who are performance driven. Service recognition also help organizations to advance their values. Engaged employees are an asset to any organization. Finding ways to promote the foundational values ​​of corporate entities helps in greatly impacting the way the company conducts the operations of the business. If these values ​​promote a culture of remarkable customer satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction, the business will benefit.

Employee service awards can also be used for recognition of milestones that employees make. The impact that such recognition achieves both for the employee and to the organization is immeasurable. Through employee service awards, organizations cultivate a culture of performance because employees will be productive when there is a definite reward.


Source by Mary J. Braun

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