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Guest blog: Work Schedule Template Helping You Implement Perfect Staff Coverage


Work schedule template has taken employee scheduling to a whole new level. Just as technology has simplified almost every activity in our daily life, it has also brought about remarkable changes in the business world. The process of scheduling shifts used to take up considerable time in the past. However, with employee scheduling software, all that work gets done automatically and more efficiently.

Managing human resources is generally one of the most demanding tasks in large companies. Organizing human resources and ensuring a smooth workflow is no easy job. While creating a schedule for the employees, one of the most difficult parts is ensuring appropriate shift coverage. To put it simply, every shift must schedule the right number of skilled people.

If the majority of employees are part time workers, the job becomes even more challenging since there will be lots of different shifts and people involved. Meeting all these challenges can be extremely difficult unless you are equipped with work schedule template.

Flexible Quality To Cater To Different Industries

Since the work schedule template is flexible, you can easily customize it to meet the requirements of your company. For instance, if you need to schedule staff for a medical center, it will involve assigning specific numbers of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, laboratory staff and other technicians for each shift.

Sometimes, you may also have to consider special requirements such as assigning a French-speaking nurse in each shift. Needless to say, it can be extremely difficult to manually create a schedule that meets all such requirements. This is exactly why employee scheduling software is gaining worldwide acceptance.

With a work schedule template, you can easily do the following:

  • Import the details of your employees
  • Enter your specific staffing needs
  • Specify the number of employees required for each shift according to their positions or departments
  • Confirm how many employees are actually at the workplace
  • Verify if the customer to employee ratio is appropriate

Ensuring Staff Coverage

As you enter the staffing needs and schedule your staff, the worksheet of the template will automatically display the total number of employees assigned to each shift. This feature allows you to compare the number of scheduled staff with the number of staff actually required for each shift. Depending on the number displayed by the work schedule template, you will be able to determine if you are under-scheduled or over-scheduled.

Scheduling employees does not end with simply assigning the right number of employees on each shift. You must also ensure that these assigned individuals possess the right skills. This is why quality software now includes a tool that mentions the positions, departments and special skills. The software must allow you to make changes to the schedule based on the availability of employees.

Thanks to the work schedule template, you will no longer receive complaints of ineffective schedule setting from your employees or customers. In addition to almost eliminating the chances of absenteeism, this software also contributes to improving the efficiency of business operations.


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